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Ukraine and US say vehicle explosion in separatist-controlled town was staged

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Friday for a end of military activities in the Ukrainian region of Donbassafter Ukrainian Armed Forces and separatists controlling parts of eastern Ukraine spoke of new shelling.

“In a context where Russian military pressure does not weaken, where destabilization increases, where bombardments in the contact zone have resumed, we first call for the cessation of these military actions, and for a rapid de-escalation”, Macron said at the European Union-African Union summit in Brussels. “Very clearly, there is [military] actions that have multiplied. These actions, in our view, must stop because they contravene the agreements that have been reached, the ceasefires that have been respected so far, and for which all parties concerned had recently reiterated their support.”

Macron said Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) teams should clarify the events of the past few hours and days.

In an earlier statement, the OSCE said the organization is “aware that Russia intends to create a pretext to justify an invasion” in Ukraine, and has received reports that detail “Russia’s efforts to fabricating supposed “Ukrainian provocations” and shaping a public narrative”. that would justify a Russian invasion.

“Several weeks ago we learned that the Russian government was planning to stage a fabricated attack by the Ukrainian military or security forces against Russian sovereign territory, or against Russian speakers in separatist-controlled territory, to justify military action against Ukraine,” the OSCE statement said.

“We must resolutely refute the false narrative of a Ukrainian ‘escalation’ which finds no evidence in the reports of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission,” the statement added.

Macron echoed remarks from other NATO allies, noting that he had seen “no evidence of Russian military disengagement at this stage.”

“I welcome the statements of President (Vladimir) Putin, but I believe that if we want to be a reliable partner, it is always good that the actions are in line with the statements, and therefore we want to be able to have concrete elements that follow them, ” , he told reporters.

“We call for the reopening of constructive negotiations, as we continue to believe that this situation can be resolved through dialogue,” Macron said.

He also noted that the “next hours” would see “close coordination between European and American allies”, who will aim to provide an “appropriate response” by the end of the day.

“I heard the words of the Russian president. Now we have to take action, and we have to work with great precision and commitment to stabilize and then de-escalate the situation in collaboration with Russia,” Macron said. “It’s essential.”

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