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UK production headquarters unveil extensive list

Based in London, The Production Headquarters, founded in 2010 by Mohaan Nadaar, unveiled an extensive list of features either complete or in production. The company focuses on projects centered on the UK and India.

His most recent projects include British filmmaker Nathalia Syam’s immigration drama “Footprints on Water,” starring Adil Hussain (“Star Trek: Discovery”), Nimisha Sajayan (Venetian title “Shadow of Water”) and Antonio Aakeel. (“Slow Horses”), and Vivek Singh Chauhan’s thriller “Rat on a Highway,” starring Randeep Hooda (“Extraction”).

The slate was presented at the current Cannes Market. Upcoming films include the sci-fi film “G”, written by Swati Singha, starring R. Madhavan, whose debut film “Rocketry” premiered in the market, attached to the star; and Rajeev Jhaveri’s drama “Closure” starring Griff Furst, Hannah Arterton and Roxanne McKee.

Syam’s self-discovery drama “Salted Caramel” is also in the works; Sangeeth Sivan’s psychological thriller “The Alter Ego”; Ayush Raina’s paranormal thriller “Walker House”; Jhaveri’s action drama “Taxi Driver,” starring Gurmeet Chaudhary, Eshaniya Maheshwari and Kriti Kharbanda; and the comedy thriller “Oh Womaniya” by Atul Manjrekar.

Completed films include Samit Kakkad’s ’36 Gunn’, Manish Goel’s ‘Hanak’, Ali Haji’s ‘Justice For Good Content’ and Ashu Trikha’s ‘Hush’.

“From Bollywood and regional cinemas to international and mainstream English films, we are fortunate to have such a variety of projects with us at various stages of execution,” Nadaar said. Variety. “Our list includes exciting films from various genres made by a range of directors, from newcomers to veterans. Although the pandemic proved difficult, we managed to get through it and are now excited to share our films with the world. It has been an exciting journey, from starting small to having expanded our offices, teams and slates over the years. We look forward to creating more content and want to onboard new and existing moviegoers in all aspects of our production.

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