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Spirits of Port Isabel organizes ghost tours

PORT ISABEL, TX (ValleyCentral) – Halloween is fast approaching and many Port Isabel natives believe their town is haunted.

A local organization dug into this myth by organizing ghost tours for locals and tourists.

“Several years ago a group of ghost hunters came to Port Isabel and the Rio Grande Valley and they declared Port Isabel the most haunted town in the Rio Grande Valley,” said Douglas Best, designer by Spirits of Port Isabel.

There’s a reason Port Isabel is considered so haunted. History experts said it was the whole history stretching back centuries that involved so many traumatic deaths in the area, including the Port Isabel Lighthouse.

“A lot of things have happened here. The Mexican-American War [and] the civil war took place, and it was a staging area for many problems, ”Best said. “Conservative General Banks actually tried to detonate the lighthouse.”

Four years ago, Douglas wanted to deepen this story by teaching others. That’s why he launched the Sprits of Port Isabel Ghost Tours.

“It starts at the lighthouse, then we descend to the haunted fire station. We go around the cemetery and go back down to what is called the road of misfortune, ”said Best. “To know why it is called the Route du Malheur, you have to do the tour because it is explained by one of the ghosts.”

In addition to researching real spirits, Best also creates its own historical experts and ghost figures to teach people all about local history. Best said he always enjoys teaching people something new.

“I love watching and using education as a way to make people happy,” Best said. “Right now the world is full of negative things and it is actually positive. It’s nice.

Since the ghost tours began, Douglas said he has received numerous reports from locals and tourists of ghost sightings, not only at the lighthouse but across Port Isabel.

“One of the businesses across the way told me yesterday about an old gentleman in a rocking chair who disappears,” Best said.

However, with all of the haunted history, Best said this town remains unique.

“You should be proud of the story that is here and look forward to sharing your story with you if you haven’t been able to follow it,” Best said.

If you would like to join these ghost tours, you can visit the Spirits of Port Isabel website to get tickets.

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The author Rodney N.