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Check our online loans


Our online loan can be arranged on site, where you can make a quick request. Although the application is very easy, we have for you the exact instructions on how to proceed.

The exact procedure for requesting a loan over the Internet:

First of all, enter into the address bar of your web browser. Once the page opens, you’ll see all the information, including the application form, on one page. A loan application is completely non-binding, so completing it does not mean that you are required to take the loan. So move to the form and go to the first step.

This is to set the parameters of your loan and add basic information about you. The parameters we mean are the amount of the loan and the repayment period. These items are very easy to set up with sliders, with the loan amounting to between $ 500 and $ 500 (with a preference for hundreds of dollars) and repayment times of between one and 30 days (with one-day accuracy). The basic data in the first step are your first name, last name, phone number, and email address. Finally, you will answer if you are interested in processing your request to un-check your credit terms and personal data quicker. Then click the Submit button followed by step number 2. In the second step of the request form, you are asked to fill in your contact details and personal information. As part of your contact details, you must fill in your home address (specifically street, house number, town, and postal code), then choose the form of your home (own, rent, hostel, dormitory, etc.) and how long you live at. You will then include your marital status, number of children, birth number, identity card number in your personal information, and then you will select the source of your income (in the case of employment, the name of the employer should be included). In the end, you will indicate your monthly income and what is important – your bank account number. Check to see if you have all the information filled in correctly and click Submit to confirm.

The third and final step is very short and simple, but also very important – it is a password setup. So think of a good login password that is strong enough, but at the same time, you can easily remember it. The condition is that the password must be at least 6 characters long. You enter the password in the upper field and then once again in the second line.

Then click the Submit button again to make your request for the Walker loan complete by ready to process and review.

You will then be contacted by the Walker Loan for the phone number you provided in your loan application, who will discuss with you more details about your application, tell you whether it has been approved or rejected, provide you with accurate fee information, and answer any questions you may have. The money will then be sent to your bank account specified in the application immediately upon approval – the amount of money credited to your account depends only on which bank you have your account with.

Fee Schedule:

The current Walker loan price list is not available, but after filling out a non-binding request, you will find the current terms and conditions. The application does not make any commitment to you, so of course, you do not need to borrow the loan if you do not like it. No upfront fees are ever charged for Walker loans, everything is fair and transparent. If you have any questions or comments about this credit product, you can also contact the operator via email – just send an e-mail.