Patricia Technologies Limited is proud to announce the relocation of its operations to the Republic of Estonia, with its headquarters now domiciled in this northern European country.

This global move is intended to strengthen their relationships with traders and agencies in the global crypto markets, while also positioning them as the leading cryptocurrency trading company in Nigeria, Africa and Europe.

With this recent development comes the launch of a new upgraded Patricia version 2 app, which features many new updates and upgrades including crypto exchange; a betting feature that allows users to use crypto to place bets; the app also introduces new cryptocurrencies (coins) to be added to the already existing Bitcoin. There is also an automated buy limit for crypto traders, and the top-up service has also been upgraded to include international transactions.

Looking at how Patricia managed to dominate the Bitcoin market in 3 years of existence, CEO and Founder Hanu Fejiro Agbodje joked that “What started as disastrous news turned out to be the cornerstone of which we needed for this global expansion “referring to the crypto trading Ban by the Nigerian government.

He also noted that “the decision to expand and relocate our headquarters to Europe is part of our plans to improve our business strategy”. “We want to play in the big league, there is no passion to play in the small, we want to be in the most sophisticated markets in the world, it is an opportunity for us to lead the Fifth Revolution”.

As one of the industry’s fastest growing financial solutions providers, Patricia’s goal is to empower brands and individuals to take control of their digital finances through an advanced cross-border payment solution provided. by Patricia Business.

They currently have an established presence in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and China.

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