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Understanding Kenya’s Strike History – The Organization for World Peace

More than six thousand workers are on strike in Kenya against Del Monte Fruit Processing over “allegedly inhumane working conditions, improper dismissal of their union representatives, poor wages and illegal employment policies”, as KBC said. . KTN News reported on this ongoing strike on January 8, 2022 in a short clip featuring interviews with the strikers. Del Monte Kenya Limited is reported to produce $2.32 million in sales (USD) by Dun & Bradstreet. It is a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte Produce, which is separate from Del Monte Foods. The parent company had revenue of $3.93 billion (USD) in 2014.

This is not the first strike in the organization’s history in Kenya. In 2002, the Kenya Human Rights Commission released a report detailing the events that led to and resulted from a campaign in the 1990s – the death of a Del Monte factory worker due to denial of first aid services. The employee had worked for Del Monte since October 1990 and lived in company housing. His name was Peter Mutsio Komolo. He reported to work and felt ill in early April 1999. Komolo was first referred to the Del Monte field clinic who gave him medication. He took it, but felt terrible the next day and stayed home. The next day, April 4, 1999, his condition was much worse and he asked to be seen at the clinic. This time the staff told him that due to company policies he could not be seen. Instead, they told her to go to the hospital. The man died shortly thereafter.

A post-mortem investigation into the body revealed that he had died of malaria and that the drugs given to him were inappropriate for the treatment of malaria. Interestingly, the family had to take the body to another location because the original refused to do the autopsy. The nurse who gave the prescription claimed it was Del Monte’s policy that he was acting in prescribing the drug. Prior to that, an employee working at Del Monte in 1980 suffered severe burns from concentrated sulfuric acid, which resulted in “prolonged pain and suffering,” according to the aforementioned report.

The report also includes several cases of youths mutilated by dogs – something that continued well into the 2010s and 2020s. In April 2019 guards working for Del Monte found a man breaking in. As reported by The Saturday Standard, they beat him until he died from his injuries. In November 2020, a Nation article described an attack on two men by Del Monte guards. The guards claim they were thieves who broke into their home, but the two men themselves claim they were on their own farm. Stephen Mburu, one of the men who was attacked, told Nation that “the guards ordered us to lie down. I knew we had big problems. Mburu fled the scene to be chased by dogs. He was then beaten by the guards after he had already been attacked by the dogs alongside the man who accompanied him, Geoffrey Ndung’u. The two men were then taken to a local police station which refused to receive Mburu due to his serious injuries. They ordered the guards to take him to the hospital; instead, they threw him into a bush 10 km from his home.

Del Monte has a demonstrated history of disregard for the welfare of workers and non-workers alike. They have a proven history of violence as well as a clear lack of care for their employees. The company’s response to the current strike, according to Soko Directory, is that it is illegal. Del Monte officials say the workers failed to provide proper notice and that the allegations they made are “baseless and intended to sabotage its operations.”

Workers expressed concerns about the outsourcing of jobs, to which Del Monte responded by guaranteeing that their jobs were safe. The strikers cite the irregular dismissal of union representatives and the tendency of workers who have worked for more than 20 years to be retained as “casual” and not “permanent” employees as reasons to be wary of the company’s demands. Those kept as “casuals” risk retiring without benefits, regardless of their decades-long dedication to Del Monte. As mentioned by KBC, compared to other international organisations, Del Monte staff were paid “woefully, turning them into beggars”.

The Kenya Plantation and Agriculture Workers Union (KPAWU) recently joined them in their demands. Del Monte has a history of violence and inhumane treatment, making his claims that the allegations are unfounded hard to believe. To err on the side of caution, an independent investigation should be conducted into the inhumane conditions, improper dismissals and illegal employment policies. If the company is doing nothing wrong, it shouldn’t be hiding anything from an investigation.

Some ways to help strikers include pushing local authorities to independently investigate Del Monte, boycotting Del Monte products for the duration of the strike, and supporting relief funds as they arise. show up for the strikers. It is important to remember that every product we consume has a cost. The mistreatment of agricultural workers in countries other than our own is something that can easily go unnoticed. However, they are real people with families and loved ones to support. They deserve security, a decent salary and respect as much as anyone else.

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Canadian army

WARMINGTON: Ford one-man army in snow battle

Content of the article

Why call in the military when the Premier of Ontario is patrolling in the snow?


Content of the article

Granted, there were no complaints from Etobicoke Edwin Kandic about this kind of personalized service from Doug Ford.

“I was stuck on Wincott Dr. for about two hours, and it was cold,” said the 26-year-old, who was trying to get to his warehouse job.

Then he noticed that someone had stopped.

“It was a guy in a Ford pickup truck. I said, ‘Oh my God, it’s Prime Minister Doug Ford,'” recalls Kandic, who had never seen the politician in person before. was shocked. He told me to get in the truck.

Kandic left his car on the side of the road, so he could accept the prime minister’s offer to drive him home in about 15 minutes.

“He was a nice guy,” Kandic added. “I thanked him for helping me.”

For Ford Nation, it was the familiar style of retail politics for which the premier and his late mayor brother, Rob Ford, became famous.


Content of the article

Within minutes there were cynical comments, but as anyone who knows Doug Ford will attest, it wasn’t contrived.

That’s what Doug Ford does. Coming out to help, whether it’s a flood, an ice storm or a heavy snowfall, is part of the Ford brand. It’s letting Doug be Doug and not the guy who sometimes looks like he’s been held hostage by the Pandemic Industrial Complex.

It certainly seemed like the Prime Minister was enjoying every minute he spent shoveling cars through snow banks. In his own way, it seems he was reminding his caucus of what he was supposed to do.

“I’m the taxi driver today, the snow plow and everything else,” the prime minister told Kandic.

Move on, Batman, Spider-Man and Superman. It was Fordman to the rescue.


Content of the article

Of course, there are people who will throw snow at this story and complain about everything a leader does.

But for me, it was just fun to see Ford Nation alive and well. Admittedly, when you’re two years old in an endless pandemic, sometimes you just need a reminder of a time when it was okay to smile or to be able to see one.

The only thing missing was a range of free Fordfest burgers instead of a vaccine or rapid test.

Who would have thought that a snowstorm would bring so much humanity and warmth?

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

‘Just helping out’ and ‘making sure people are safe in their cars,’ Ford said CP24 George Lagogianes in a live TV hit. “Anything I can do to help them, you do what you have to do.”

Many more have received such help from a premier whose “For the People” campaign slogan was dusted once again during a shutdown that crippled the province even more than the snowstorm.


Content of the article

Lagogianes declared Ford an “army of many” about 23 years after Toronto called in the Canadian military to help deal with the snow. The Prime Minister, who is seeking re-election on June 2, played it all down.

‘Prime Minister or no Prime Minister’, people are ‘here to help their neighbors right now,’ Ford says CP24.

Kandic said he could vouch for the prime minister who helped him when he really needed it.

  1. Owners work to clear snow on Monday January 17, 2022 in Ajax.

    SNOWMAGEDDON: City declares ‘major snowstorm condition’

  2. Children help clear a driveway on Monday January 17, 2022 in Ajax.

    TDSB’s move to online teaching instead of Snow Day is ‘disappointing’

  3. Nothing

    Can public vehicles have a right of way?

“As he was dropping me off at home, Premier Ford said, ‘Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help you. “”

As a matter of fact.

“My car is still stuck in a snow bank,” teased Kandic, who will need a drive back to retrieve his car once the snow plows pass.

But the Prime Minister is quite busy at the moment. Ford was still making calls on the road Monday afternoon.



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International headquarters

UPSC CSE Key – January 17, 2022: What you need to read today


Collarwali breathes his last, MP’s Pench Tiger Reserve loses ‘Supermom’


Preliminary examination: General questions on environmental ecology, biodiversity and climate change

Main examination: General Studies III: Environmental Conservation, Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Key points to ponder:

• Pench Tiger Reserve and Pench National Park (Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra)

• Cartographic work – Pench River and Kanhan River – Origin

• Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book and Pench National Park – Connect the Dots

• Collarwali (Tigress) – Why was she so famous?

• Map Work-Tiger reserves in India

• Tiger Conservation Program (Project Tiger) – About, Mission and Vision

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 The Story of Collarwali – The “Empress Pench National Park”

📍 Supermom: What makes Collarwali Baghin of Pench Tiger Reserve a tigress like no other


Devas investors cite Canadian court order, want AI assets seized in US


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance

Main examination: General Studies II: Effect of Policies and Policies of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s Interests

Key points to ponder:

• Mandate and Headquarters of the International Air Transport Association

• Convention on International Civil Aviation, as well as the Chicago Convention and India

• Antrix-Devas Agreement Controversy – Background (2005 agreement, 2011 UPA government canceled agreement, legal disputes, etc.)

• Why are Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Air India targeted?

• Decision of the National Court of Company Law on Devas Multimedia

• Know the National Court of Company Law, Antrix, restrictive immunity

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Explained: Why NCLAT Called the Devas-Antrix Deal a Fraud

📍 The story of a Rs 4,400 crore fiasco at ISRO

Stop unilateral road construction, Nepal tells India


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance

Main examination: General Studies II: India and its neighborhood relations.

Key points to ponder:

• India-Nepal Bilateral Relations

• Border disputes between India and Nepal (Kalapani and Susta region)

• Map Work-Limpiadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani, Kali River, Dharchula

• Measures taken to resolve the border dispute

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Interpretation of the Indo-Nepal border dispute

📍 Mapping the history of the Kalapani dispute between India and Nepal

📍 Border dispute between India and Nepal at Kalapani: an explanation


In Crypto Garb


Preliminary examination: Economic and social development

Main examination: General Studies-III: Indian Economy and Awareness of IT Fields

Key points to ponder:

• What is crypto investing?

• Can crypto then be considered an asset?

• Cryptocurrency or virtual currency – what do you mean by this term?

• What is Bitcoin?

• What is Blockchain technology and why is it associated with Bitcoin?

• The Cryptocurrency and Official Digital Currency Regulation Bill, 2021-Highlights

• Supreme Court on Cryptocurrency in 2018

• What is RBI Sandbox?

• What are the problems with cryptocurrency in traditional financial markets or simply in the market?

• Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

• Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – Meaning, Issues and Challenges

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Explanation: digital currencies and how they work

📍 Explanation: how are cryptocurrencies regulated in countries around the world?

📍 The Myth and Lure of Crypto


An Indian Green Accord

Preliminary examination: General questions on environmental ecology, biodiversity and climate change

Main examination: General Studies III: Environmental Conservation, Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Key points to ponder:

• According to the author of this article, what is the Indian Green Deal (IGD)?

• Components of the Indian Green Deal (IGD) and how will this program help?

• What does ‘Net Zero’ mean?

• India’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2070 at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP) Climate Summit in
Glasgow or India’s enhanced climate commitments – the “Panchamrit”

• Difference between ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Carbon Neutral’?

• India’s new renewable energy target

• How to reach net zero?

• Public-private partnership frameworks to achieve “net zero”

• Current India Emissions Scenario

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Praveer Sinha: “Net-zero carbon emissions by 2070 is totally doable”

📍 1 billion tons of emissions reduced: why it’s a big step forward


WEF summit starts today; Modi, XI to deliver special addresses


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance.

Main examination: General Studies II: Important international institutions, agencies and forums – their structure, mandate.

Key points to ponder:

• World Economic Forum – About, Role, Mission, Vision, Mandate, Headquarters

• Initiatives taken by the World Economic Forum

• India and World Economic Forum

• Reports published by the World Economic Forum

In 2021, the incomes of 84% of households fell, but the number of billionaires increased


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance.

main examination: General Studies I: Poverty and Development Issues

Key points to ponder:

• Oxfam Report, ‘Inequality Kills’ – Key Points

• Get to know Oxfam International

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Covid has widened inequalities: wealth, education, gender


Russia issues more subtle threats than invading Ukraine


Preliminary examination: News of national and international importance.

Main examination: General Studies II: Effect of Policies and Policies of Developed and Developing Countries on India’s Interests

Key points to ponder:

• What do you mean by “hybrid warfare”?

• Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) – About, Member Countries, Mandate and Headquarters

• Where is Ukraine-locate on the map

• United States-Russia and Ukraine crisis

• Request/Proposals from Russia – Main Highlights

• 2014 Crimean crisis

• Crimea’s strategic location – why is it important for Russia?

• Ukraine, NATO, USA and Russia – where are we?

• Article 5 of the founding treaty of NATO (Collective security)

• India’s position in the Ukrainian crisis

• Bilateral relations between India and Ukraine

• How can India help the United States and Russia keep the “peace” in this conflict?

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)

📍 Ukraine crisis: Risks remain as Russia and the West talk

📍 Ukraine accuses Russia of being behind cyberattack in ‘hybrid warfare’

📍 Hybrid War – New Threats, Complexity, and “Trust” as an Antidote

📍 On the edge of the abyss


Why the road ahead could be bumpy for India’s early harvest deal with the UK


Preliminary examination: Economic and social development

Main examination: General Studies II: General Studies II: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests

Key points to ponder:

• What is the Early Harvest Agreement?

• What is a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)?

• Know other types of trade agreements such as bilateral investment treaty (BIT), preferential trade zone, single market, customs union, etc.

• What is the definition of trade given by the WTO?

• Reinforced commercial partnership between India and the United Kingdom

• Trade between India and the UK

• Importance of trade relations between India and UK

• India and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

Other important articles dealing with the same subject:

📍 Unlocking a new era: India-UK trade deal

📍 Explained: why India is trying to strike a free trade agreement with the UK

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Non profit living

Rising adoption of DAO and NFT for just causes is a positive indicator: Raj Chowdhury

Blockchain, like every other technological innovation in history, was designed to improve the quality of life. Decentralization and peer-to-peer networking foster a spirit of collaboration and commitment to changing things for the better.

Raj Chowdhury, blockchain pioneer and founder of HashCash Consultants, foresees increased use of blockchain-based digital transformations for humanitarian, philanthropic and social purposes. Throughout 2021, decentralization has been key to the growth of DAOs, NFTs, the Metaverse, and the future Web 3.0.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, take full advantage of the lack of hierarchy by operating on coded smart contracts. Notable global examples involving the use of digital tokens and crowdfunding to make social and economic contributions include streaming projects, independent platforms, charities, and many more. A recent DAO project raised more than $40 million to acquire an early copy of the US Constitution at auction, despite being outbid by a private collector.

Chowdhury has a positive outlook on current market trends and the upcoming future. “Blockchain, like every other technological innovation in history, was designed to improve the quality of life. Decentralization and peer-to-peer networking foster a spirit of collaboration and commitment to changing things for the better,” he says in reference to the growing adoption of blockchain applications for non-profit purposes.

A global consciousness to make the world a better place brings together collectors and crypto enthusiasts. Projects have been launched to help fund cancer research, save the environment and fight poverty. Organizations like UNICEF and the American Red Cross accept donations of crypto assets.

“The growth of technological progress as well as the losses associated with the pandemic direct a collective force towards the social and economic betterment of people

Worldwide,” Chowdhury said.

American HashCash consultants led by Chowdhury have been involved in medicine and space research. Over the years, the company has been actively involved in projects boosting financial inclusion, low-cost remittances and COVID-19 vaccine distribution, as well as child labor prevention and business support/ African nonprofits with blockchain funding channels.

Blockchain innovations such as DAOs, Metaverse, and NFTs, touted as the next global game changers, already hold great promise for social, environmental, and financial betterment. The future can expect more philanthropic efforts and collaborations through charitable blockchain projects.

Raj Chowdhury is the Managing Director of HashCash Consultants and a Blockchain pioneer. Raj pioneered the first interbank implementation of blockchain technology trade finance and remittance transfers between two of the world’s largest banks. Raj is a prominent voice in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space and actively engages with policy makers in this area. He is a contributor to Economic Times, Business World, CNNMoney and advises industry leaders on Blockchain adoption. Raj had been a research associate at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Lab. He is a member of Asha Silicon Valley, a non-profit association committed to the education of children in emerging countries. Author of the book “The Dark Secret of the Silicon Valley”, Raj is an investor in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and an active member of the philanthropic community.

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History organization

Eagles face tough questions in crucial offseason after Bucs beating – Philadelphia Eagles Blog

TAMPA, Fla. — The NFL season will eventually reveal what kind of team you really are.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, that reality came in the form of their 31-15 loss at the hands of the defending champion Tampa Bay Bucs in Sunday’s NFC Wildcard Game. It showed that while the Eagles had some encouraging moments in the second half of the season, they are an average team still miles away from being a legitimate contender.

When the season comes to a halt — especially in the jarring and ego-killing way that the Eagles’ season did — the questions immediately flow.

The one with the most seriousness: Is Jalen Hurts the answer at quarterback? He had some very good spells during the regular season and, at 23, guided Philadelphia to the playoffs in his first year as a full-time starter. His last impression wasn’t good though, as he was ineffective in the air and had a pair of expensive interceptions. The Eagles have three first-round picks in the April draft and must decide whether or not to use that capital on another caller.

“I know we’re all judged on the last game we played, I fully understand that, but I felt like Jalen grew throughout the year,” coach Nick Sirianni said. . “And he improved as a passer, he read the defense better, getting the ball to the right place. He has developed his ability to extend plays so much, not only playing with his feet, but also playing on the court when running. … I feel really good with what we have in place here at quarterback. I thought he’s had a great year and he’s come a long way and that’s [what] I expect Jalen just because of his character, his tenacity, his love for football. I can’t say enough about Jalen the person and the player.

Once that direction is determined, they can move on to other pressing matters, including bolstering their passing rush and adding better playmakers on offense. While the Eagles managed to sack Tom Brady four times on Sunday (their production resumed when All-Pro right tackle Tristan Wirfs went out with an ankle injury), they finished with the second-fewest sacks in the NFL ( 29) during the regular season. . Edge rushers are especially needed. Brandon Graham is set to turn 34 next year and is coming off an Achilles rupture, Derek Barnett is a pending free agent, making Josh Sweat, who did not play in this game following medical intervention earlier in the week, the only defensive end currently considered a building block. The receiver remains a big need, with little production coming from the position outside of rookie DeVonta Smith.

One question that was answered this season was about Sirianni. Yes, it seems that he can coach. The Eagles have outperformed in 2021. Once the sting of that loss subsides, that will be the general consensus in Philadelphia. But they only beat one team that finished the season with a winning record (the New Orleans Saints, at 9-8). And while the chants that erupted from the crowd at the end of Sunday’s game — “Eagles suck!” — weren’t quite right, they’re as close to the bottom as they are to the top. Their moves this offseason will help dictate the direction they take in 2022.

“This game doesn’t define us, doesn’t define who we are,” Hurts said. “We know all the different things that we’ve overcome, we know the environment that we’ve built as a football team and as an organisation. … I know as a football team we’ll come back. And it’s a feeling that’s kind of going to simmer in our hearts and simmer for all of us, and with the youngsters on this football team, we’re definitely coming back hungry.

QB Breakdown: Some notable Jalen Hurts stats from the first half, via ESPN Stats & Info: He was 2-of-8 with an interception on passes with 10+ air yards, 2-of-6 with a pick under pressure and 0- from -4 with an interception on an out-of-pocket pass. His interception late in the first half in the end zone was the beginning of the end for the Eagles this season.

Mind-boggling stat: It was the Eagles’ 47th playoff game in franchise history. They were held scoreless in the first half of a playoff game for only the second time in club history, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The other time was in the 1996 wildcard game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Disturbing trend: The Eagles were held scoreless in the first quarter for the fourth time in five games, except for the regular season finale against the Dallas Cowboys in which Philadelphia rested most of its starters. This is Hurts’ fifth straight start in which the Eagles have been held without a point in the first frame.

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Canadian army

COVID-19 vaccine targeting multiple variants needed: expert

OTTAWA – Health Canada’s chief medical adviser says variant-specific vaccines can be approved faster than general vaccines first issued to fight COVID-19, but one targeting the Omicron strain likely won’t be ready in time to help with the last wave.

Dr Supriya Sharma said what is really needed are vaccines that can potentially stop more than one variant at a time, including those to come.

Omicron became the dominant variant in Canada in just over two weeks, and the Public Health Agency of Canada said Friday that it will now be responsible for more than 90% of all COVID-19 cases.

Studies suggest that two doses of the existing mRNA vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are not effective in preventing Omicron infection.

However, several studies suggest that vaccines are excellent for keeping symptoms mild, preventing hospitalizations, shortening stays and reducing the standard of care for those admitted to hospital. Fewer vaccinated Omicron patients, for example, require mechanical ventilation.

Both Pfizer and Moderna are working on new versions of their vaccines that specifically target the Omicron variant.

Moderna hopes to have its product tested early this year. Pfizer said it could have 100 million doses ready as early as March, and Canada has contracts for boosters from both companies that would also include vaccines for variants.

But Sharma said even with the accelerated vaccine variant review process, it’s “probably not” fast enough.

“By then, from what we know of the Omicron wave, it may well be over,” she said. “And then the question is always, ‘is there another variant coming up?’

The solution, she said, likely lies in vaccines that can target more than one variant at a time.

The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 vaccine technical committee said the same on Jan. 11, noting that Omicron is the fifth variant of concern in two years and “probably won’t be the last.”

Booster shots that increase antibody development have become the immediate response to Omicron for many governments, including Canada.

Dr. Srinivas Murthy, a British Columbia pediatrician and co-chair of the WHO’s clinical research committee on COVID-19, told The Canadian Press that boosters are not a viable long-term option.

“Boosting your exit from a pandemic is inevitably going to shoot you in the foot in the sense that you’re going to have a future variant that’s going to emerge that’s going to cause problems,” he said. “He’s going to escape your shots, and then you’re going to have to figure it out.”

Omicron does not entirely avoid existing vaccines, but a future variant might, he said. Much of the problem stems from the fact that the original vaccines train the body’s immune system to recognize what’s called the spike protein found on the surface of a virus, and that spike protein undergoes a significant mutation. .

Think of the mutated spike protein as a bit of a disguise that makes it harder for the immune system to recognize the virus and mount a defense to kill it.

Omicron has over 50 mutations, and at least 36 are on the spike protein.

Multivalent vaccines that use the spike protein of more than one variant, or that target the genetic components of a virus rather than the spike protein, may be the ones that could offer protection against both this pandemic and against the next new emerging coronavirus.

“It’s a pan-coronavirus, where it’s looking at big, broad neutralizing responses and you don’t have to update it every season and so on,” Murthy said. “It’s been the holy grail of influenza vaccinology for several decades. We haven’t gotten there yet, because influenza is a bit tricky, but we think it’s doable for coronavirus, in particular.”

The US military has a version heading into phase 2 trials that can attach several advanced proteins. A vaccine with the specific spike proteins of the five COVID-19 variants of concern would likely be more effective, even against future variants, as they all share some of the same mutations and what one might miss another can catch. .

Moderna is working on multivalent vaccine trials using combinations of the original virus’ spike proteins and one of the variants, or two of the variants together. It is unclear when they would be ready for use.

Sharma said that while vaccines don’t work as well against the variants as they do against the original virus, to her “they’re still miraculous.”

“To have a vaccine that was developed so quickly, that still has, through multiple ΓǪ variants with boosters, up to 70, 80% efficacy against serious illnesses, conditions, hospitalizations and deaths” , she said. “It’s miraculous for a new vaccine against a new virus.”

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on January 16, 2022.

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International headquarters

Emirates News Agency – WAM and Colombian media entities discuss media cooperation

BOGOTA, Colombia, 16th January, 2022 (WAM) — A delegation from the Emirates News Agency (WAM) discussed ways to enhance cooperation with a number of media entities in Colombia, as well as their participation in the World Congress media, which will be hosted by Abu Dhabi next November.

The discussion took place during the visit of the delegation, led by Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi, Managing Director of WAM, to Colombia, as part of the efforts of the Emirates News Agency to establish fruitful relations of cooperation and lasting partnerships with several global media entities.

The WAM delegation visited the headquarters of the Colombian magazine “Semana”, one of the largest magazines in Colombia, to discuss ways to further strengthen joint cooperation and the best ways to publish topics of interest to its audience in Colombia, noting that the weekly devoted a full edition in 2021 to the UAE.

The delegation also had a meeting with the Colprensa news agency and discussed ways to strengthen relations between the two sides in terms of news exchange and media cooperation. A memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the media and exchange of information was signed during the visit.

The WAM delegation also visited the headquarters of the newspaper “El Tempo”, which is the most widely distributed publication in Colombia, where the parties discussed ways to activate the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed last year. with the newspaper.

The delegation then visited the headquarters of the Caracol television network, one of the main television networks in Colombia since 1998. During the visit, the possibilities of strengthening media cooperation and the exchange of information between the two parties were examined. A delegation from Caracol will travel to the United Arab Emirates next month to sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of information exchange.

During their visit to the headquarters of Blu Radio, founded in 1927, the delegation was briefed on the working system and discussed ways to enhance media cooperation between the two sides.

The Emirates News Agency delegation also visited the headquarters of the newspaper El Espectador, one of the oldest newspapers in the world, established in 1887 as Colombia’s first newspaper. A memorandum of understanding was signed to cooperate in the field of news exchange.

The WAM delegation concluded its working trip to Colombia by visiting the headquarters of the Latin American Information Alliance (AIL), a media organization that includes 22 private television stations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Al Rayssi said WAM is looking forward to building strategic relationships with the media in Colombia, as part of the continued cooperation between the two friendly countries in various fields.

The WAM Managing Director stressed that the media is a major development tributary in the countries, pointing out that this visit embodied the efforts of both sides to establish an advanced model of media cooperation at different levels.

He added that the World Media Congress, to be held in the capital Abu Dhabi next November, “is an important milestone in the process of cooperation between WAM and other international media entities, and we look forward to a strong turnout. Colombian media in this premier global event.”

Al Rayssi concluded by thanking all officials of the UAE Embassy in Colombia, commending their efforts to provide all forms of support to the WAM delegation during its stay in Colombia, which played a crucial role in the success of the visit.

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Non profit living

Holiness of Life Sunday: Practical Pro-Life Resources for Kentucky Baptists | Baptist life

Kentucky Baptist Convention churches across the Commonwealth will join other Southern Baptist churches across the country on Sunday in celebrating and affirming the sanctity of human life – that every person is made in the image of God. .

As you consider how your church can actively uphold the sanctity of life, explore these practical resources:

Q: I would like to partner with a local pregnancy center. How can I locate the closest one?

A: There are nearly 50 Pregnancy Support Centers located throughout Kentucky, and each depends on the financial, volunteer, and prayerful support of local churches. Visit for a list.

Q: Members of my church are interested in sidewalk counseling at the nearest abortion clinic. Where can we train?

A: Speak For the Unborn equips local churches for holistic, gospel-centered pro-life ministry driven by love and seduction. They provide training to congregations interested in counseling women preparing to enter abortion clinics. Learn more at

Q: I am unable to adopt or foster and my funds are limited. How can I serve orphans and foster families?

A: Orphan Care Alliance, a Louisville-based ministry that equips and connects Christians with opportunities to serve children in need, recruits believers to serve as life coaches for teens in Kentucky’s foster care system.

After completing orientation training, life coaches are paired with a teen and are expected to spend at least one hour with them once a week for a calendar year, sharing the love of Christ, setting goals, and offering encouragement. . Life coaches are the only unpaid adult in a foster child’s life, a role the Orphan Care Alliance describes as “integral.” Visit for more information on their various ministries.

Q: Our church wants to support foster care and orphan care ministries. What organizations exist in the state?

A: The Baptist Convention of Kentucky is a longtime partner of Sunrise Children’s Services, a Christ-centered nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic foster care, therapeutic treatment, and community services to children in Kentucky. For more information on how you can partner with Sunrise, visit

All God’s Children in Nicholasville also works with foster children in Kentucky. The Christian ministry offers counselling, daycare, independent living program and training for foster parents. Find out how to volunteer, pray and give on

Q: There are women in our church who have had abortions, and we want to support them as they heal. Are there Bible studies or small group materials for post-abortion women?

A: Letting go of the secret is a study offering biblical healing to post-abortion women and is frequently used by pregnancy centers and local churches. Visit for more information.

SaveOne is a ministry offering help and healing to men, women and family members who have been affected by a past abortion. They offer training, small group studies, and resources for churches. Learn more at

And Embrace Grace offers a program and training for churches to create support groups for women who have chosen life for an unplanned pregnancy. A KBC church has already successfully started an Embrace Grace group. Visit for more details.

Q: What is KBC doing to equip churches for pro-life ministry?

A: The Kentucky Baptist Convention launched the Friends of Life Kentucky initiative to mobilize Kentucky Baptists to support pregnant women and advocate for unborn children.

While the initiative is still in development, churches can expect regional conferences, active support of a proposed pro-life constitutional amendment in Kentucky, and a survey of attitudes and perspectives that will shape the strategy. across the convention. Follow the ongoing initiative at

Q: Where can I find updates on pro-life issues in Kentucky?

A: Subscribe to our newsletter, The Morning Briefing, for weekly articles on the most relevant pro-life issues here in the state.

From updates on pro-life legislation to monthly reports on the number of abortions to personal stories of families impacted by unplanned pregnancies, Kentucky Today is committed to providing coverage on abortion, the adoption, foster care and other pro-life topics.

Tessa Redmond reports on pro-life issues for Kentucky Today. She is a member of First Baptist Church in Taylorsville, Kentucky, where her husband serves as minister of music and youth.

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History organization

Andruw Jones placed on waiver; Matt Kemp agrees to 2-year contract extension

On January 15, 2009, the Los Angeles Dodgers placed Andruw Jones on waivers after agreeing to defer the majority of the $21.1 million still owed to him, marking the end of a disastrous 13-month stint with the organization.

Jones joined the Dodgers on a two-year, $36.2 million contract in the 2007 offseason after spending the first 12 years of his career with the Atlanta Braves. Although the move was done with great fanfare, he turned out to be one of the worst signings in franchise history.

Jones showed up to Spring Training out of shape and struggled before undergoing knee surgery in late May. Jones would return in early July but continued to slump and was regularly booed by Dodgers fans after every at-bat.

Jones was placed on the disabled list for the second time in August after re-injuring his knee, which effectively ended his season. In 75 games, Jones batted .158/.256/.249 with eight doubles, three home runs and 14 RBIs in 238 plate appearances.

The five-time All-Star then signed a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers after clearing waivers and enjoyed a rebound year hitting .214/.323/.459 in 82 games during the 2009 season.

Jones then joined the Chicago White Sox for the 2010 season before spending the final two years of his career with the New York Yankees.

Kemp agrees to multi-year contract extension with Dodgers

Also on this day in Dodgers history – but in 2010 – the Dodgers avoided salary arbitration with Matt Kemp by agreeing to a two-year, $10.95 million contract.

Kemp was coming off a career season in which he batted .297/.352/.490 with 25 doubles, seven triples, 26 home runs, 101 RBIs and 34 stolen bases in 668 plate appearances (162 games). He finished 10th in National League MVP voting that year while winning his first career Silver Slugger and Gold Glove Awards.

Are you subscribed to the Dodger Blue YouTube channel? Be sure to ring the notification bell to watch player interviews, participate in shows and giveaways, and stay up to date with all the Dodgers news and rumors!

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Canadian army

Canada must prepare for a potentially hostile government in Washington

In the 155 years since Confederation, most Canadians have rarely thought about national security. For the first 60 years after Confederation, we were protected by the British Empire. Then, in August 1938, United States President Franklin Roosevelt, during a visit to Kingston, Ontario, said, “I assure you that the people of the United States will not stand idly by if the domination of Canadian soil is threatened. Since then, our national security has been guaranteed by the United States.

It would be wise for Canadians to rethink this dependence on the United States. Since Donald Trump’s election to the White House in November 2016, we have seen a rise in right-wing extremism fueled by Trump’s irresponsible and sometimes dangerous rhetoric. We have seen massive unrest in cities across the United States as people protest against police violence against minorities. On January 6, 2021, we witnessed the infamous uprising as Trump supporters attempted to prevent election certification. Since then, the right-wing media and Trump have continued to “fan the flames” of fury and outrage. The majority of the Republican Party seems to tolerate this.

Why should we care, you may ask. We live in Canada after all. We need to be concerned about this, because violence can very easily spread across our borders. Prime Minister Lester Pearson knew this when he deployed Canadian troops to the border crossings between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan during the Detroit Riots in July 1967. President Richard Nixon moved American troops to the border areas near Quebec during the October Crisis. of 1970. Both leaders knew that their primary duty was to protect their citizens and they took steps to achieve it.

The modern Republican Party is nothing like the party of decades past. This is not the party of Dwight Eisenhower, Nixon, Ronald Reagan, etc. This is a party that embraces violence, intolerance, disregards logic, reason and science (witness the horrific deaths in pandemic ‘red’ states) and opposes rights reproduction of women. These values ​​upheld by the current Republican Party are totally foreign and repugnant to most Canadians. We also have to believe that the Republicans oppose most of the values ​​that are dear to Canadians.

If the Republicans take control of Congress in November and the White House in 2024, it will mean Canada has a potentially hostile government across the border. We must prepare for it and do it immediately. What actions should we take?

We must first ensure that we can protect our borders. That means we have to make sure that we can mobilize enough military personnel and deploy them to any part of the border that is needed quickly. It will also require a change in military policy in Canada. Currently, army reserve units have very little ammunition available to them in their arsenals. In an emergency, ammunition would be brought to them from larger bases. This must change. We need to be able to mobilize our reserves and they can’t wait for enough ammunition to deploy to the border.

Next, we need to be able to show a potentially hostile Republican president that no threat will come to the United States via Canada. This means, for example, that we must have a modern, well-equipped air force that can destroy any threat entering Canadian airspace and heading towards the United States. No US president would hesitate to order US military forces into Canada if he felt Canada had failed to deal adequately with a crisis that could threaten the United States. We cannot give them any excuse to do so.

The current Republican Party is not a friend of Canada and could indeed threaten us if it regains power. This means that we must be prepared to keep a respectful distance and ensure that we can defend our people.

Craig Wallace is a Hamilton resident and author of five books.

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