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LETTER: Why do you tolerate apartheid bus ads in St. John’s? Cohen and Kissinger would not have

In 1945, 77 years ago, US Army soldiers reached Nazi concentration camps and freed the surviving Jews. The survivors had barely escaped the Holocaust, where six million Jews – men, women and children – were massacred in camps like Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

In 1948, Israel was formed as a direct result of the horrors inflicted on the Jews by the German Nazis, both before and during World War II. It remains the only free democracy in the Middle East.

Have we reached the point of historical ignorance where advertisements are tolerated on buses in Newfoundland that advance allegations that Israel is committing apartheid, an exclusionary practice that by definition smears those accused of apply it?

Two famous Jews deserve mention in closing: 22-year-old US Army Sergeant Henry Kissinger was among those who liberated Germany from the Nazi regime in 1945 and witnessed the atrocities Jews who remained after his family was able to escape while he was in prison. a teenager.

Second: Montreal Jew Leonard Cohen wrote the song “First We Take Manhattan.” Adapting his ominous words somewhat, I suggest that the quest in 2022 may have become this: we take Saint John first, then Ottawa, then we take Jerusalem.

Barry Stagg,


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