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LaSalle pays tribute to veterans during the 2022 Remembrance Day ceremony

The Town of LaSalle, in partnership with Royal Canadian Legion Branch 594, will host a Remembrance Day Ceremony on Friday, November 11 to honor our fallen Veterans and those who continue to serve Canada today. The ceremony is located at LaSalle Cenotaph Park, 5950 Malden Road, and begins at 10:40 a.m.

New this year, the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment will launch a Veterans March at 10:40 a.m. They will start from Zehrs parking lot and march along Malden Road to Normandy Street and into Cenotaph Park. In addition to a minute of silence, there will be a wreath laying ceremony. The Premiers of Sandwich High School and St. Thomas of Villanova High School will greet you. Many students participate in the service, and the Sandwich High School Band performs. The ceremony will end with a parade of veterans at 11:40 a.m.

Temporary road closures on Malden Road and Normandy Street will be in place during the Veterans Walk. For those planning to attend in person, please arrive early. As in past years, this year’s Remembrance Day ceremony will be broadcast live on the City of LaSalle YouTube Channel and will remain on the channel for viewing anytime.

80th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Raid de Dieppe. This solemn anniversary will be commemorated by events in Canada and France. On August 19, 1942, nearly 5,000 Canadians landed on the heavily defended French coast, alongside British and American allies. Operation Jubilee – the raid on Dieppe – entailed enormous sacrifices, but the mission was not in vain. The operation provided invaluable lessons that led to the planning for D-Day and Allied victory on the beaches of Normandy two years later.

Our Local Veterans

Visit the Ville de LaSalle website to learn more about several residents who participated in the Second World War. Residents or families of veterans of LaSalle or the former township of Sandwich West, who participated in the Second World War, are invited to submit their photos and information to the Culture and Recreation Department. The webpage will be expanded to include more conflicts in the future. Visit Honoring Local Veterans for more information.

Royal Canadian Legion

Metropolitan Branch 594 of the Royal Canadian Legion is located at 5030 Howard Avenue. They continue to focus on their goals of supporting veterans, youth and first responders. From the last Friday in October until Remembrance Day, millions of Canadians wear a poppy as a visual token of never forgetting those who served and sacrificed. The red flower is the symbol of the Legion’s poppy campaign, raising funds to support veterans and their families in need. Poppy boxes can be found throughout the community accepting donations to the Legion’s annual campaign.

Essex and Kent Scottish Regimental Family

The regiment is a light infantry army reserve unit of the Canadian Armed Forces made up of men and women in the infantry and support trades. The Essex and Kent Scottish has garrisons in Windsor and Chatham, Ontario, and its service extends to communities throughout southwestern Ontario. The regiment is ably supported by the Essex and Kent Scottish Regimental Association, the Scottish Borders Foundation and other voluntary organisations.

LaSalle Cenotaph Park

LaSalle Cenotaph Park, located behind the LaSalle Civic Center, was built in 2014. The original granite cenotaph now sits atop a new platform with a larger memorial design. The unique design is reminiscent of Canada’s military personnel and is a great educational tool to examine some of Canada’s military history.

The most unique feature of the Cenotaph is the split top of the monument’s steel plate. The split top allows for a beam of light that follows the movement of the sun across the map face behind the monument. The positioning of the memorial is calibrated against the sun so that the beam of light is over central Europe at 11:00 a.m. each November 11, commemorating Remembrance Day in perpetuity.

The world map behind the monument is smooth for water and textured for land. Pins on the map indicate where the Canadian Armed Forces have been at war or in conflict and have participated in peacekeeping missions. Next to the map is a legend that explains Canada’s military presence over the years.

Veteran parking spaces

The City of LaSalle recently developed two parking lots for veterans at the LaSalle Civic Center and the Vollmer Cultural and Recreational Complex. The panels have a poppy on them. Parking spaces are reserved for those who have served in our armed forces and honor our veterans. Any veteran who visits one of the municipal buildings and who has a veteran license plate is invited to park their vehicle in these spaces.

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