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Karambir Kang talks about the 26/11 Mumbai attack at the UN Convention on Victims of Terrorism

New York: Karambir Kang called on the international community to act against terrorism and seek justice for the victims who lost their lives in the attack.

Kang was the general manager of the Taj hotel in Mumbai when the horrific terror attack happened on November 26. He shared his painful memories of the terrorist attack, in which he lost his family, including two young sons and his wife, at the first World Congress of Victims of Terrorism Convention.

“The whole world watched in horror when 10 terrorists attacked my country, my city and my hotel, the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai where I was the General Manager. During the tragedy which continued for three long days and nights, more than 34 past lives have been lost,” Kang said.

“My wife and two young sons could not escape and died during the attack, I lost everything. My staff members armed only with courage and the deeply rooted culture of the family, which represents the TATA and taj group, resisted without any weapons, we lost many brave colleagues and this heroic act saved thousands of lives that night,” he added.

Kang went on to say that even though the terrorists who entered the hotel met their fate, the people who planned it financed it and staged the attack remain free.

“While our company and staff have received global accolades, we have spent 14 long and painful years trying to get justice.”

He said: “Today I call on the international community to work together to seek justice domestically and across borders, as our own act of defying terrorism, we have opened the hotel which has been totally destroyed in 21 days.”

“Member states must join us and challenge and ensure that there is no safe haven for terrorists so that these heinous crimes do not have a chance to take root,” Kang concluded.

The first United Nations World Congress on Victims of Terrorism was held from September 8-9 to pay tribute to victims of terrorism around the world, including the victims of the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai.

The United Nations World Congress on Victims of Terrorism met at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

This Congress will provide a platform for victims of terrorism to directly share their experiences, challenges, stories of their resilience and contributions to society at large in a socially connected environment.

“Starting tomorrow @UN, the 1st #UN World Congress of Victims of Terrorism, September 8-9, will pay tribute to the victims of terrorism around the world, including the victims of the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai,” India tweeted at the UN.

According to the UN, the Congress will allow the public to learn about good practices undertaken by member states and civil society organizations, while ensuring that the voices of victims are heard and that their experiences shape the way. to follow in their own country and across borders.

The opening of the World Congress will feature high-level attendance, including UN Chief Guterres, Under-Secretary-General for Counter-Terrorism Vladimir Voronkov, co-chairs of the Group of Friends of Victims of Terrorism, the Republic of Iraq and the Kingdom of Spain, and other senior representatives of the United Nations and the international community, an official statement said earlier.

The following plenary and parallel sessions will feature speakers representing Member States, victims, victims’ associations, United Nations entities, civil society organizations, experts, academics and the private sector.

The program of the World Congress includes six main themes reflecting the rights and needs attributed to victims of terrorism.

The themes are: Recognition and Remembrance; Situation analysis: the changing nature of terrorism and the victims of terrorism; Protect the rights of victims of terrorism; Rehabilitation, assistance and support; Addressing the rights and needs of victims of terrorism with specific needs and access to justice for victims of terrorism.

Last month, UN Special Rapporteur Fionnuala Ni Aolain urged governments to adopt a human rights-based approach to victims of terrorism by positively and consistently affirming human rights. man of all victims.

“The International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism should serve as a call to action and a reminder that the commitments made to date must be implemented with immediate effect to ensure the realization of the rights of victims of terrorism,” Aolain said in a statement on the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to Victims of Terrorism.

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