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InclusionNado continues its work of equity in Coronado


InclusionNado is cfailed to help Coronado schools achieve their goal of provide safe and supportive schools for all students. Buy a lawn sign from their website and publicly show your support for their cause.

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The local community organization InclusioNado has spent the past year working to build awareness, acceptance and action for greater inclusion in schools in Coronado. After the summer 2020 protests, InclusioNado was formed by a group of students, parents and community members committed to helping schools in Coronado achieve their goal of provide safe and supportive schools for all students. Even if InclusionNado is run by volunteers, the organization became a registered nonprofit in December 2020 to facilitate fundraising.

InclusioNado has partnered with local visual storyteller Brad Willis to produce a series of videos, Uncomfortable conversations with a black mom. These videos provide candid conversations about fairness with members of our Coronado community. Themes include motherhood and immigration which incorporate a unique perspective from Coronado. Uncomfortable conversations can be viewed on

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Louise Erdrich’s “The Game of Silence” is a book by InclusionNado reviewed and placed in the Small Libraries around Coronado.

As part of its educational initiative, InclusioNado launched a Little Free Library program to donate and distribute books on diversity themes to the Little Free Libraries around Coronado. These book choices (designated by an InclusioNado label on the cover and spine of the book) include Ninth room by Jewel Parker Rhodes, Uncomfortable conversations with a black man by Emmanuel Acho, and The game of silence by Louise Erdich. Reviews of these books along with specific discussion questions are posted on the InclusionNado website at

InclusionNado has also developed a catalog of book and film resources for people to learn about diversity and inclusion. Recommended books are listed for elementary school through high school, and suggested films are rated for youth and adults. Most of the movies are available at the library or on YouTube. Recommended resources are listed on the InclusionNado website at

Black History Month flyer created by InclusioNado.

To celebrate February’s Black History Month, InclusionNado has created a list of Black History Books and Movies. The leaflet recommended books for elementary, middle and high school students. The recommended films are intended for all age groups, but are aimed specifically at those with children. The Black History Month flyer was distributed to schools in Coronado and the Coronado Public Library.

On their first anniversary, InclusioNado organized a silent march around Coronado schools for supporters to show their continued commitment to advancing inclusion within the Coronado community. Recent events validate the importance of InclusionNado’s ongoing work.

Community members can show their support for InclusioNado and for diversity in Coronado by purchasing a lawn sign from the InclusionNado website:


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