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DVIDS – News – CFHA 2021 closes, senior executives deliver closing remarks

The African Land Forces Symposium 2021 concluded at the 7th Army Training Command Headquarters in Grafenwoehr, Germany on September 24, 2021.

The US Army’s task force for Southern Europe, Africa had coordinated with 7th ATC to welcome senior leaders from across the African continent, allied and partner countries, US servicemen, officers from country-specific liaison and other representatives.

General Christopher G. Cavoli, US Army Commander for Europe and Africa, addressed attendees at the event’s final meeting.

“The first step in real assistance is to ask the person, or the country, that we are trying to help, what we can do to help. This is often the step we skip and (this symposium) was a good reminder, ”Cavoli said. .

Cavoli stressed the importance of bringing countries together at events such as CFHA, as it provides an opportunity to find common solutions to similar challenges and issues facing countries around the world.

“The life of a soldier is similar, regardless of his country of origin,” Cavoli said. “If we examine our conversations over the past two days, we find that we have more in common with our partners and allies than we realize.”

CFHA 2021 offered African and European leaders the opportunity to view US military training centers at 7th ATC training facilities in Grafenwoehr and at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany.

Leaders were able to see the variety of training centers and facilities at the two sites, as well as network and foster relationships with leaders of African countries as well as other allied partners.

The U.S. Army for Europe and Africa remains committed to supporting its African partners to foster relationships, promote regional security and stability, and strengthen our national defense and security interests in the region.

Based in Vicenza, Italy, SETAF-AF supports the US military’s campaign goals in 53 African countries. The skilled, dedicated and highly trained soldiers and civilians of SETAF-AF protect and promote the national security interests of the United States, while supporting African partners who share our security objectives. The command joins forces with the African land forces; directs and supports the activities of US Army personnel serving in Africa; conducts security cooperation activities; conducts joint and multinational exercises; protects United States personnel and facilities; ensures the readiness of the US military to respond to crises; and works alongside our joint and international partners to address common security concerns in Africa.

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