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Cirque du Soleil will make its long-awaited return to Houston – An exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the preparation

TFamiliar blue and yellow marquees return to Sam Houston Race Park in November, bringing the return of by Cirque du Soleil whimsically reinvented show called Alegria: In a new light. This signature Cirque show was cut short in March 2020 due to the pandemic and now Paper city has an exclusive first look as these aerial performers return to the stage for the first time. In Houston.

Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes video above this story.

Houston has always been an anchor city for Cirque du Soleil productions, and since it was the last to host the show, Francis Jalbert, principal publicist of the Alegria tour, Cirque du Soleil, argues that it is exactly where the high-flying spectacle deserves to take off.

“We are delighted to reopen in Houston where everything stopped for us on Alegria in March 2020, ”says Jalbert. “Being able to bring artists back to the stage in Houston and give our local fans the opportunity to see the show as it was meant to be before the global pandemic sends a beautiful message of hope and resilience.

“What are the two central themes of Alegria.

The reinvented Alegria: In a new light features a cast of 53 acrobats, clowns, musicians and singers telling the story of a once glorious kingdom that has long since lost its king, and the power struggle at play between the old order and a new movement seeking change in hope for a better future.

The Circus celebrated the 25th anniversary of Alegria in 2019, but rather thancut and paste from the original 1994 production, ”Jalbert notes that every component has been re-examined to speak to new generations while retaining the soul and emotions of the original series. Jalbert promises plenty of surprises, no matter if the spectators saw the original show or are new to the Circus.

The pandemic has given the creators of Cirque the opportunity to create new high-flying stunts. (Photo by Marie-Andrée Lemire)

The pandemic downtime allowed Cirque creators to rethink parts of the show, pushing the already breathtaking acrobatic elements that characterize each performance to new levels.

“We decided to take the break from the show to rethink some of the acrobatic elements presented in Alegria so that he comes back even stronger than during his hiatus in 2020, ”said Jalbert. “More particularly, a new dynamic number of Trapèze Volant will now close the show with daredevil aerial stunts never seen before under a Cirque du SoleiI Marquee. “

Even though the circus performers had no idea when they would be called back to the big top, these aerial athletes stayed in shape at home until they were called back to the international headquarters in Montreal. The Alegria The cast have been rehearsing since late August in anticipation of their return to Houston and will continue to rehearse locally in October and November before the show opens on Friday, November 13.

“The energy of the cast is incredible. They are excited to be back in action, to be reunited with family on tour and to be back on stage shortly, ”said Jalbert. We look forward to the first performances, to hear the audience cheering again and hopefully bringing them joy and escape. “

Tickets for Alegria: In a New Light are on sale now and available here. The production will run from November 13 to December 12 at Sam Houston Race Park.

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