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Decatur semi-accident spills slurry and injures driver

MADISON. Wis (AP) – Authorities say about 5,500 gallons of slurry spilled after a tractor-trailer overturned in Decatur, injuring the driver. Deputies from the Green County Sheriff’s Office responded to the crash at around 12:44 p.m. Friday. Authorities said Jeffrey M. Brewer, of Evansville, was driving a tractor-tractor carrying fertilizer over a county and failed to negotiate a curve. The semi-tractor left the road and ended up in a ditch where it overturned. Authorities say the driver suffered minor injuries. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also responded to the scene.


Gableman sends subpoenas to Milwaukee and Green Bay officials

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) – A former state Supreme Court justice leading Assembly Republicans’ inquiry into the 2020 election has sent subpoenas to officials in Milwaukee, Green Bay , Madison, Kenosha and Racine as well as Wisconsin Election Commission administrator Meagan Wolfe, seeking information about the private funds they used to manage voting operations. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Michael Gableman’s subpoenas are the first issued by state lawmakers in four decades. The subpoenas, dated Thursday and delivered Friday, target documents related to the Center for Tech And Civic Life, which has given more than $ 10 million to more than 200 Wisconsin communities to help cover election costs during the pandemic of COVID-19. The subpoenas require officials to appear before him on Oct. 15 with the documents.


Wisconsin woman convicted of paid murder conspiracy

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) – A Wisconsin woman has been sentenced to six years in federal prison for attempting to hire a hitman using bitcoin currency. Federal prosecutors have announced that Kelly Harper of Columbus, 38, has been sentenced after pleading guilty to using the internet to hire a hitman. Harper provided height, weight, eye color, cell phone number and photos of his man’s vehicle. She also shared a screenshot of a bitcoin wallet worth approximately $ 5,633 to the site administrator. His lawyer did not immediately respond to a message.


Federal Judge Holds Hearing on Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Blockage

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) – A federal judge has scheduled a hearing later this month on whether to block the fall wolf hunt in Wisconsin. Six Chippewa tribes filed a lawsuit on September 21 seeking to block the hunt, claiming that hunters killed too many wolves during the state’s February season and that fall hunt kill quotas are not being met. not based on science. U.S. District Judge James Peterson has scheduled a hearing Friday on the tribes’ request for a preliminary injunction blocking the fall hunt for October 29, six days before the season begins on November 6.


La Crosse man sentenced to 66 years in accident that killed 2

BARABOO, WIs. (AP) – A La Crosse man with a history of drunk driving has been sentenced to 66 years in prison for an accident that killed two men and seriously injured two others. Albart B. Shores, 59, sentenced in April, apologized in Sauk County court Thursday for driving drunk on Interstate 94/90 near Wisconsin Dells in 2018. He had a rate blood alcohol level just above the legal limit and used cocaine the day before. The Baraboo News Republic reports that the prosecutor predicted that Shores, who was convicted of his seventh drinking and driving offense, would kill again if he was ever released.


Prosecutors: Neo-Nazis discussed assassination and prison break

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) – Federal prosecutors in Maryland recommend 25-year prison sentences for two members of a neo-Nazi group who were arrested by the FBI ahead of a gun rights rally on the Virginia Capitol . In a filing on Thursday, prosecutors described former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Jordan Mathews and U.S. Army veteran Brian Mark Lemley Jr. as national terrorists who prepared for a civil war and spoke of plan an attack at the January 2020 rally in Virginia. Mathews and Lemley Jr. are set to be sentenced on October 28 after pleading guilty to gun charges in June. They were indicted along with a third member of The Base, a white supremacist organization. Defense lawyers have filed their conviction notes under seal.


Wisconsin judges assess the challenge of swapping a park

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A conservation group on Friday asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court for leave to challenge the state’s decision to transfer state park lands to a company planning to build a golf. Friends of the Black River Forest argue that the decision by the Department of Natural Resources board of directors to give Kohler Company a 5-acre parcel and nearly 2-acre easement in Kohler-Andrae State Park prevent the public from enjoying this land and harm wildlife. habitat. Kohler and the DNR want the Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that the conservation group does not have standing to sue because construction of the course has not started and until it does, no one does. ‘suffered harm. It is not known when the court could rule.


Wisconsin Army post visit reveals grateful, bored Afghans

FORT MCCOY, Wis. (AP) – Journalists get a glimpse of life at a Wisconsin army post for newly arrived Afghan refugees. During a tightly controlled tour of Fort McCoy on Thursday hosted by the U.S. Army and the State Department, reporters saw the newcomers playing football and basketball with soldiers and bringing supplies to the barracks where they are housed while waiting for their new lives in America to really begin. The fort is one of eight military installations in the country temporarily housing Afghans who were forced to flee their homeland in August. Almost 13,000 were sent to Fort McCoy.

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Narrator of ISIS videos sent to US to face terrorism charge

Although Mr. Khalifa played down his contributions to the Islamic State in the interview, prosecutors and the FBI made it clear that he was a “prominent figure” within the Islamic State’s media unit, who ‘he joined in April 2014. An FBI agent described him as “essential” due to his fluency in Arabic and English and said he was in charge of the “media section in English ”Islamic State, according to the criminal complaint.

Prosecutors said he helped translate and narrate about 15 videos created and distributed by Islamic State. According to prosecutors, two of the most “influential and extremely violent” propaganda videos were titled “Flames of War: Fighting Has Just Begun” and “Flames of War II: Until the Final Hour”. The first was distributed in September 2014 and the second in November 2017.

According to court documents, Mr. Khalifa was not only a propagandist but engaged in fighting. In the days leading up to his capture by the Syrian Democratic Forces, he threw “grenades at opposing fighters,” prosecutors said.

FBI agents interviewed Mr. Khalifa in March 2019, just months after his capture. He said he was motivated to travel to Syria after watching Syrian government videos and listening to lectures from Anwar al-Awlaki, the main voice of Al Qaeda in English, who was killed for years. early in a drone strike.

In an August 2013 email obtained by the FBI, Mr. Khalifa revealed to a close relative that he had gone to Syria, and not Egypt, as the relative had been led to believe, to fight. “I came here to join the Mujahedin who are fighting Bashar and the Syrian army,” he wrote.

The FBI said Mr. Khalifa flew to Turkey and then used a smuggler to enter Syria. He joined a battalion led by Omar al-Shishani, a Georgian activist. He received military training and participated in fighting against Syrian government forces in the Aleppo countryside. Around November 2013, he joined the Islamic State, pledging allegiance to its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. While a member of the Islamic State, he was known as “Abu Ridwan al-Kanadi” and “Abu Muthanna al-Muhajir,” the FBI said.

Mr. Khalifa believed he would be sent to an Islamic State training camp, but instead he was recruited to join the media unit. The FBI said Mr. Khalifa’s recruitment into the media unit would mark a period of nearly five years in which he would become “a leading figure in the operations of creating and distributing English propaganda in the United States.” Islamic State ”.

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Neo-Nazis discussed assassination and prison break

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) – Federal prosecutors in Maryland recommend 25-year prison sentences for two members of the neo-Nazi group, calling them national terrorists who have prepared for a civil war, discussed how to break the racist mass killer Dylann Roof on death row and spoke of the assassination of a Virginia lawmaker.

Former Canadian Armed Forces reservist Patrik Jordan Mathews and U.S. Army veteran Brian Mark Lemley Jr. are set to be sentenced on October 28 after pleading guilty to gun charges in June. They have been jailed since their arrest in January 2020 in a Delaware apartment where the FBI had installed a CCTV camera and microphone.

Surveillance equipment captured them talking about planning an attack at a gun rights rally at the Virginia Capitol in Richmond, the destruction of railroad tracks and power lines, and of how Mathews “briefly considered” trying to assassinate a Virginia lawmaker, prosecutors wrote in a court file Thursday.

After Mathews found the home address of the president of the Virginia House of Delegates on the internet, he and Lemley “pondered” an attack on the president’s route to work, as they concluded he There was probably not a good location for snipers near the lawmaker’s home. , prosecutors said.

“In Mathews’ view, the president’s murder” would likely speed up their gun control program, “which, in turn, Mathews hoped, would provoke a backlash,” prosecutors wrote.

But they ultimately put the idea aside, waiting to see if lawmakers in Virginia pass gun control law, prosecutors said. Eileen Filler-Corn, who is Jewish, was sworn in as a speaker on January 8, 2020, but prosecutors do not name her in their court records.

“In the hope of a civil war that would decimate racial and ethnic minorities and subjugate women, the defendants joined forces with each other and with others, studied violence, tested their weapon skills, stored ammunition and supplies and planned to kill on a large scale in pursuit of them. of their goals, ”prosecutors wrote.

Filler-Corn said in a statement he was told on Thursday that the two men had discussed his target.

“It is extremely disturbing and it should disturb all Americans,” she said. “This model of using violence to intimidate the leaders and symbols of our democracy undermines the core values ​​of our democracy itself.”

Defense attorney Ned Smock said Lemley, who served in Iraq during his time in the military, “strayed during a difficult time in his life” and took responsibility for non-violent crimes that he committed. Smock said prosecutors focused on things Lemley and Mathews discussed in private instead of the crimes they were charged with.

“But these are just words. Mr. Lemley never engaged in violence, he did not intend to take any violent action and he did not take any action to commit any of the acts mentioned in these tapes, ”said Smock Friday in a statement to The Associated Press.

Smock said he is seeking a two-year and nine-month jail sentence for Lemley. That would be at the lower end of the sentencing guidelines calculated by the court’s probation service. The upper end of the calculation for Lemley is three years and five months, according to Smock.

Mathews and Lemley Jr. were charged with a third base member. The group has been a major proponent of “accelerationism,” a fringe philosophy that advocates the use of mass violence to accelerate the collapse of society.

The third co-accused, William Garfield Bilbrough IV, was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty in December to helping Mathews illegally enter the United States from Canada in 2019.

The FBI also overheard Lemley and Mathews talk about trying to free Roof, who was sentenced to death for killing nine members of a black church congregation in South Carolina in 2015. They discussed the number of people. it would take to break into the maximum security prison. in Terre Haute, Indiana, where Roof is being held, how many guards are believed to be present and how a shooting would unfold, prosecutors said.

“Can you imagine Dylann Roof escaped from prison?” Mathews said, according to prosecutors. “The base would be known as the guys who blew up Dylann Roof.”

Defense lawyers filed their sentencing notes under seal on Thursday. Mathews lawyer Joseph Balter said the note to his case contained confidential personal information, including health records. Balter did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment on Friday.

Mathews and Lemley pleaded guilty to charges, including carrying a gun illegally and obstructing justice, for destroying cell phones when FBI agents raided their apartment.

Mathews pleaded guilty to four counts for a combined total of 50 years in prison. Lemley pleaded guilty to seven counts carrying a maximum of 70 years.

None of the defendants have faced terrorism-related charges, but prosecutors are calling for an alleged improvement in terrorism upon sentencing that could lead to a significant increase in the prison sentence if U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang agrees to apply it.

The case against the three indicted men in Maryland was part of a larger investigation by The Base. In January 2020, authorities in Georgia and Wisconsin arrested four other men linked to the group.

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Ukraine boldly goes where no NATO member has dared to go

Ukrainian Special Forces last month carried out a daring operation in Kabul to rescue 19 Afghan refugees, including translators, including one who worked for Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and another who served in the military. Canadian, as well as their families. . They arrived in Kiev on August 29.

This rescue was coordinated by the Ukrainian army, the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and The Globe and Mail. Mark MacKinnon, the Globe and Mail’s senior international correspondent, not only revealed the story, but was instrumental in coordinating the rescue, CTV News reported.

“It was an incredible rescue,” MacKinnon told CTV. “We have tried many different rescue groups; we had some plans with the Canadian army to get them into the Kabul airport that didn’t work. We had a plan with the US State Department that gave us advice on how to get them in, but it fell apart after the suicide bombings last week.

Mr MacKinnon said his contacts with the Ukrainian president’s office and other diplomatic channels had been concluded and the bailout had been worked out.

“They said, ‘Tell your guys to get in some vehicles, take pictures of the license plates of those cars and send those pictures to the Ukrainian army,” “he said. “They told the cars to drive near the airport.”

Mr McKinnon reported that the rescue of the translators was carried out in the early morning of August 27 in Kabul, a day after the last Canadian evacuation plane left Afghanistan, and hours after the suicide bombing in the one of the doors of Hamid Karzai International. airport, which killed at least 170 Afghans trying to flee the country, as well as 13 US soldiers. Following the attack, claimed by the local affiliate of the so-called Islamic State, the United States said only foreign nationals – and no longer Afghans who have visas – would be allowed into the airport.

Despite this restriction, as well as the growing risks to coalition forces ahead of the planned withdrawal of the last US forces on August 31, Ukrainian troops marched into the city of Kabul to escort two minibuses – carrying translators to their destinations. of Canada and Their families; 19 people in all – on the airfield.

The soldiers had photographs of the license plates of the minibuses, and they surrounded and escorted the vehicles the last 600 meters to the airport.

Another person who played a key role was Roman Waschuk, the former Canadian Ambassador to Kiev who assisted the operation by putting the Globe and Mail in touch with a senior official in Mr. Zelenskyy’s office. He told The Globe and Mail that the Ukrainians accepted the rescue mission in large part thanks to the support their country received from Canada during its own seven-year war with Russian-backed forces in the Donbass.

“This courageous Ukrainian special forces operation demonstrates the strong friendship and long-standing ties between Canada and Ukraine,” said Alexandra Chyczij, National President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. “Ukrainian forces have acted boldly, courageously and fearlessly. In the terrible circumstances of Afghanistan, Ukraine has shown its support for Canada, and we are grateful to them.

In particular, the evacuees said they were stunned that Ukrainian troops took risks to save them, unlike Canadian and American forces.

“Everyone was surprised. I tried last month to get someone to get us. We asked Americans, Canadians, Qataris, everyone – and no solution. They were afraid to go out, ”said Jawed Haqmal, a 33-year-old father of four who worked for two years with the Canadian Special Forces in Kandahar. “Ukrainian soldiers were angels to us. They did an exceptional job. They have a big heart.

And that is the key lesson to be learned from this daring operation. Members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces acted swiftly, courageously and precisely. This contrasts with the failed rescue operations of the Canadian and US governments.

Yet US President Joe Biden had the nerve to tell Zelenskyy that Ukraine is far from ready to join NATO. If military precision and professionalism is any indication, then Ukraine is more than ready. And the way forward is through the NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP). MAP is a NATO advisory, assistance and practical support program tailored to the individual needs of countries wishing to join the alliance. The countries participating in the MAP submit individual annual national programs on their preparations for possible future membership. These submissions cover political, economic, defense, resources, security and legal aspects.

In a telephone interview on April 6 with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Zelenskyy stressed that the most pressing issue in NATO relations for Ukraine was admission to the MAP. Yet Ukraine still remains outside the program.

Not only did Ukraine participate in more joint NATO exercises than any non-NATO member, but it boldly engaged with a rescue operation that involved going where no member of the l NATO dared not go. It is certain that in recent years Ukraine has more than satisfactorily demonstrated its rapidly growing military prowess, its reliability as a future partner and its steadfast commitment to the common goals and objectives of the alliance of NATO, and these successes justify entry into the MAP without further excuses or delays.

Marco Levytsky can be contacted at [email protected]

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Alberta Receives Help From Federal Government, Other Provinces In Fight Against COVID

CALGARY – Alberta is finalizing an agreement to bring Canadian Armed Forces medical personnel to Alberta to help fight the crippling fourth wave of COVID-19.

In addition to federal assistance, Alberta should receive assistance from the Canadian Red Cross and Newfoundland and Labrador.

WATCH: Premier Jason Kenney is joined by Minister of Health Jason Copping and AHS President Dr Verna Yiu for an update on COVID-19.

Premier Jason Kenney said the province expects eight to ten members of the Canadian Armed Forces to be deployed to Edmonton area hospitals to help staff additional intensive care beds.

Canadian Red Cross staff will provide up to 20 ICU trained staff to provide assistance to the Red Deer Regional Hospital.

“Finally, we are finalizing plans with the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, to host a medical team, which we expect will include approximately five or six experienced intensive care staff who will likely be deployed to Northern Lights Regional. Health Center in Fort McMurray. ” Kenney said.

Kenney says these contributions from across Canada will help the province staff four or five additional intensive care beds and, in turn, help provide other supports as needed.

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Planned recruitment announcements aimed at women as military tackles sexual misconduct – Summerland Review

An expert on sexual misconduct said it would be dishonest for the Department of National Defense to promote the military as a positive workplace for women in an upcoming campaign after much information to the contrary.

The Canadian Armed Forces, which have long struggled to increase the number of women in its ranks, hope they will make up a quarter of the membership by 2026.

That figure now stands at around 15%, and an internal study suggests the department needs to recruit around 3,500 women each year to reach its goal.

Although recruiting more women poses a challenge, the military was rocked last year by public reports of allegations of sexual misconduct, including against its most senior officials.

Complaints of widespread inappropriate behavior prompted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to say that it was clear military complainants did not think they had a place to report their experiences. He asked a former Supreme Court justice in April to investigate the matter, more than six years after a previous report on the matter.

That same month, a consulting firm released a report based on focus groups with women aged 18-34 to test the ads ahead of a recruitment drive originally slated for October.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production has been halted and an adjustment in campaign plans and tactics has been required,” National Defense spokesperson Andrew McKelvey said Thursday.

He added that the department started working on this latest effort in the spring of 2020 and had released different versions of those ads over the years.

“Currently, we are planning to launch a campaign for women in winter. “

A summary of the report posted on a federal website explains how attendees saw storyboards with different advertising concepts that examined the lives of women in the Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, and Canadian Army.

The images showed women traveling, mothers able to find a work-life balance with their families, and opportunities to serve in non-traditional settings.

“I think they have to deal with a cultural issue before they can somehow make claims in the recruitment drives,” said Megan MacKenzie, chair of international law and human security at the University. Simon Fraser who studies sexual misconduct in the military.

“It is dishonest to recruit women into an institution at this point with such positive messages when so many women and men who have been the victims of sexual misconduct say they do not feel safe in the institution. . “

The report includes summaries of the comments the 59 participants gave on the advertisements they saw, including one where they saw the post as one of the women accepted into the military if they were part of the LGBTQ community. .

“Participants felt that the ad did not address concerns about LGBTQ in the military, and to a few, it seemed at odds with what recent headlines are communicating about sexual abuse in the forces,” reads. we.

Another theme communicated through the various advertisements was that of women serving in the military still being able to care for their children, which drew both positive and negative reactions.

“Some participants did not like the stereotype that women have to take care of family or children and that a similar approach would not be used to recruit men,” according to the report.

For a similar case, he said the women felt that “the importance of a family-work balance is displayed in a more subtle way, showing only the pram instead of the baby.”

Different responses were also recorded for scenes showing a woman from the Royal Canadian Air Force working as a mechanic.

“The youngest participants said it was important to highlight work typically done by men done by a woman, but that a female mechanic is no longer so rare,” the report said, while asserting that others found the image “empowering”.

“It seems there is a little bit of trouble in explaining why the Canadian Defense Forces are a good place for women, or a good employer for women,” MacKenzie said after reviewing the report.

She questioned whether it was even possible for the department to conduct a positive recruiting drive when the military is in “crisis,” adding that she suspects that the months of well-documented reports of military misconduct are among the longest. High ranks could have an impact on the number of women and men who decide to join in the future.

—Stéphanie Taylor, The Canadian Press

Military sexual harassment

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Canada’s Immigrant Politicians – Modern Diplomacy

The “rare earth elements”, also called rare earth metals or rare earth oxides, or lanthanides are a set of 17 soft white heavy metals.

The uses, applications and demand for rare earth elements have grown over the years. Globally, most rare earth elements are used for catalysts and magnets in traditional and low carbon technologies. Other important uses of rare earth elements are applicable to the production of alloys, glass and high performance electronics, such as for petroleum refining and diesel additives. Rare earth elements in this category are used in hybrid and electric vehicle engines, wind turbine generators, hard drives, portable electronics, cell phones, microphones, speakers, etc.

This is another area, which also falls under clean and environmentally friendly energy, in which the United States and China are playing an important game.

At a summit between the United States, Japan, India and Australia held not long ago, the strengthening of cooperation on rare earth elements between the four countries is become a key topic. The United States has always hoped to reduce its dependence on rare earths and minerals from other countries. But the U.S. government’s review of major mineral and rare earth supply chains indicates that even with sweeping changes, it will still take at least a decade for the United States to become self-sufficient.

Indeed, over the past three years, the US administration’s attention to rare earth issues has increased. Rare earth elements have become a key test for some American politicians to prove that “China threatens the security of the United States”, and have also become a major motivation for the White House to reformulate its rare earth policy. Indeed, over-politicizing the rare earth issue and even linking it to national security will do more harm than good to both the People’s Republic of China and the United States itself.

First, the United States does not have a clear understanding of the current state of the rare earth mining industry. Currently, the vast majority of rare earth products are made in China, and this is because China’s low-cost mining has led to the closure of rare earth mines in other countries. Therefore, the pattern of rare earth elements as a chain of gradually developing processing industries in China is not the result of China’s monopoly, nor of rare earth mining in the People’s Republic of China.

Currently, China’s rare earth reserves have grown from over 70% of global production to around 30%, making China the world’s largest importer of rare earth elements. In fact, many countries have rare earth mines, and the rare earth reserves outside of China can be used by anyone for hundreds of years.

From today’s perspective, the advantage that Chinese industry derives from rare earth elements is gradually shifting from the scale of extraction to that of processing. The processing of rare earths is crucial for China, as most of the major patents in the production of rare earths are still controlled by Western countries.

First, future global competition focuses on the capacity and capacity for technological innovation. The key way to improve Chinese industry through the possession of rare earth elements lies in technological innovation, rather than expanding the market share of rare earth mining and processing.

Although China has tightened its control over the rare earth industry in recent years, this has not been done simply through an export ban, but mainly through better environmental protection and technological processing requirements. to promote the improvement of the industry. While these measures have boosted the prices of rare earth products, they are far from threatening US national security.

Second, the actions of the United States have increased their financial burden. During President Trump’s administration, the White House tied the supply of rare earth elements to national security and joined with Australia and other countries in calling for product exclusion Chinese rare earths in the defense sector.

Nevertheless, since the human and environmental costs of rare earth mines in Western countries are much higher than those of developing countries, it is absolutely unlikely that the minerals they extract will be competitive in the market, and Western governments will pay. for that.

Just for the imaginary Chinese threat, the US Department of Defense is investing huge amounts of capital, which will further increase the burden on citizens due to the country’s high budget deficit.

In addition, the rare earth processing industry almost no longer exists in the United States. Rare earth elements extracted

it must be transported to China for processing. This so-called “getting rid of addiction to Chinese rare earth elements” is actually a self-delusion. If the United States wants to rebuild its entire chain of rare earth processing plants, it will not survive relying solely on the arms industry (as in the case of Afghanistan in 2001-2021) , unless the US administration convinces Congress that it can use taxpayer dollars to subsidize military installations around the world indefinitely.

Before Congress decides on any step in an industry, entrepreneurs rarely venture to invest in building dedicated rare earth element factories, as in this case. Therefore, the White House’s expectation of “ten years of self-sufficiency” is in fact an overly optimistic and unrealistic assessment.

Until China fully implements its ban on rare earth exports, it will be difficult for the United States to rebuild its rare earth industry. It was President Trump’s hope to bring manufacturing back to the United States through the imposition of tariffs and tariffs.

Third, the weakening of mutual trust in Sino-US cooperation can easily lead to strategic misjudgments. In the current complex international economic and political situation, China and the United States are both competitors and partners. The competition between China and the United States is not a fight to the death between opponents who cannot stand each other, but requires healthy competition and cooperation on the basis of mutual trust. For a long time, competition between the two countries will mainly focus on economic and technological sectors, especially high-tech sectors, which will determine the future of both countries and also the whole world.

Some politicians and interest groups in the United States have been spreading the generic “Chinese threat theory” for their own interests. The “rare earth threat theory” in particular obviously bears the shadow of the US military industrial group and mine owners.

When policies are subjected to interest groups, if the proliferation of conspiracy theories and threats is not contained, they will weaken mutual trust in cooperation between countries, and even increase the risk of miscalculation. strategic between the two great powers. This is detrimental to peaceful global development.

China must also be direct and not immerse itself in the context of low-priced rare earth raw materials and / or monopoly reserves of these minerals. The objective pursued by the People’s Republic of China is to transform a country of rare earth extraction into a country of transformation and production of rare earths. This has been happening since large sums of funding have been invested in rare earth science and technology – projects that are moving forward.

In short, the US policy of rare earth independence is wishful thinking and has no practical significance to the United States itself.

Regardless of what others may think, as long as the People’s Republic of China continues to adhere to pragmatic policy in the rare earth industry, and maintains open cooperation on development concepts – oriented towards innovation and l ‘continuous improvement of the scientific and technological level of the rare earth industry – it can become a strong pillar of national development, but it will also present itself as a business card that shows the level of its industrial technology, as well as its political credit at an international level.

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Mercedes-AMG G 63 2021 –

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has to be one of the most remarkable vehicles of all time, not because of the revolutionary technology it represents (although there is a bit of it) or any stylistic homerun that tried to be copied since. (also questionable, but bear with me) but because of what he did not do: and that has changed a lot since he started serving as part of the Shah of Iran’s personal armada in 1979, that infamous year in Iranian history.

So Mercedes – where the Shah was a major shareholder – went ahead and spawned the Geländewagen, which translates to ‘terrain vehicle’, although the former looks a lot cooler. They It has sort of been done since (it’s the oldest Mercedes model after the Unimog truck), to the point that the Canadian military itself continues to use the military version in its fleet to this day. Just like a handful of other countries including Greece, Norway, Belgium, Australia and of course Germany.

The AMG G 63 you see here, of course, is about as far removed from the military version as it gets when it comes to the G-Class. The huge 22-inch wheels (which don’t seem as big as the numbers on the suggest thanks to the great ride height and the gap between the tire and the mudguard) wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion Zero rubber, bright red brake calipers with “AMG” plastered on them, two side tailpipes of the two sides, dark almost limo-tinted side windows and silver bash guards underneath – all scream “civilian specification.” Except the painting. The ‘deep green’ ‘seen here does a pretty good job of showcasing the military origins of the G-Class’; on top of that, he looks damn good and has turned heads everywhere I’ve been. Indeed, if The Hulk was a car, it probably would be this one.

Inside it’s more or less the same, but before you get in you need to of course unlock it and the sound those locks make when you fold the keychain is unlike anything you’ve got. already seen from a car – normally we’re talking about the shifting action of a car sounding like a gun bolt; with the G-Class, it is the locks that recall this noise and it is strong. The lights will flash when you fold the lock, but it is not necessary; you can hear those damn locks going on a block away. Just be sure to push these doors firmly when closing to make sure those heavy locks hit their latches in the first place.

Open the same worker as Jeep Wrangler-esque doors and you’re greeted with patented Mercedes luxury but with a bit of a twist. You see, the Black Fiddleback open pore leather from my tester (yes, I don’t know either) is part of the “G manufaktur”. line that offers a number of interior finishes specific to the G-Class. The exterior paint, in this case, is also part of this line. Indeed, the black brown leather looks fantastic and complements the exterior paint perfectly.

Otherwise, it’s normal modern Benz business here; Fully digital editable gauge cluster and infotainment display, vent medallions, analog clock at the center of everything, steering wheel with more buttons than the Texas Instruments you had in high school, and centralized touchpad controller. Everything is very chic, very modern and the way you can access the gauge cluster menus with a numeric keypad on the left wheel spoke and the infotainment screen (including Apple CarPlay) with a corresponding button on the straight spoke is a good way to do things, once you get used to it.

There are, however, some things that are a bit harder to get used to.

It should come as no surprise that the ceiling height is ample – just look at the height of this roof! – but the legroom in the front and rear isn’t really enough for such a big vehicle because you sit so straight and are surrounded by vertical panels everywhere. I never quite freed my right knee from having to be pressed firmly against the lower dash. The placement of the interior door handle has never been natural either; it is too far back on the door panel and too close to the leg, forcing users to contort their wrists in a somewhat uncomfortable manner to release it.

2021 Mercedes-Benz G63

The same goes for the rear cargo space, as this is another example of wasted space due to the need to store all that undercarriage as high as possible to get the necessary ground clearance. for what is a suitable all-terrain vehicle. The rear cargo space also collides with a raised leading edge, so there’s no flat cargo floor if you drop the seats. It has a barn door style tailgate, however, and unlike the Land Rover Defender, it swings the right way for typical North American curbside parking; left towards the road as opposed to right against the sidewalk.

What this upright seating position and cockpit offer, however, is a wonderful view and thanks to the square corners, getting around town in the G 63 – where most G63s will spend most of their time – is surprisingly easy considering the volume of the packaging. The surprisingly short wheelbase also helps; At 2,890mm, the G 63’s wheelbase is 245mm shorter than its sibling GLS 63. So that means this big SUV isn’t even the biggest in its own lineup.

It really is the beefiest, however. It starts with the engine – a four-liter twin-turbo (or “twin-turbo,” to use Mercedes parlance) good for 577 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. Yes, it’s less horsepower than this GLS 63 but equal torque and it’s lighter. So it should come as no surprise that the G 63 will carry you-know-what on the highway when you set foot.

2021 Mercedes-Benz G63

The image in your mind as you do it – that tall, somewhat gangly military truck in civilian clothes bouncing on the freeway, passing all traffic as its traffic stopped – will make you smile every time. Just like noise – these pipes are loud and can be made louder by pressing a button or selecting one of the more aggressive riding modes. At this point, that same knob can be used to soften the exhaust note, but won’t change the throttle, suspension, and transmission settings the drive modes play with.

While since The Hulk has made a name for itself in the comics and the image depicted earlier is somewhat comedic, the G 63 is no joke. Especially when it comes to its all-terrain chops, which are on top with the Defenders, 4Runners and Wranglers (and Broncos) of the world. There are three separate locking differentials – remember that innovation we alluded to earlier? Well, the G-Class is one of the only vehicles with this feature – and 217mm of ground clearance so it can climb and go through anything.

I had the opportunity to really put the G 63 and its less endowed brother G 550 on narrow off-road tracks normally reserved for ATVs and with its short wheelbase, super short front and rear overhangs and its great view, it was a remarkable joy to drive under these circumstances. Sure; we had to play with the differentials – they’re activated by three individual buttons right there on the dash – in order to create sharper bobby pins, but once down there was no way to stop the G 63.

2021 Mercedes-Benz G63

What’s really remarkable, however, is actually how it performs on the beaten track, as opposed to off it. Indeed, you knew it would be good off-road, but it takes corners with surprisingly minimal body tilt for such a large vehicle. It’s the adjustable shocks and strut tower brace at work, and I never really got past the feeling that this was a properly non-Jeep jeepish that performed much better on the road than it did. ‘she should. Maybe the bad guy in Bourne’s supremacy was on to something when he decided to chase Jason Bourne in a G…

It’s the G-Class in a nutshell, really. It’s a multi-colored icon – military icon, rap icon, pop culture icon – and, soon, maybe an EV off-road icon because an electric battery-powered version of EQ wouldn’t be that far away.

He’s got presence, he’ll put a smile on your face (and, if my experience is telling, many passers-by as well), and he’ll tackle almost anything you throw at him. Good enough for a vehicle that started life as a humble civil servant over four decades ago.

The vehicle was provided to the writer by the automaker. Content and vehicle ratings were not subject to approval.

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Dutch war drama ‘The Forgotten Battle’ hits Netflix in October 2021

The Forgotten Battle – Image: September Films

One of the most exciting movies coming to Netflix in October 2021 is the Dutch war drama The forgotten battle. We are waiting The forgotten battle be one of Netflix’s best highlights this October. Below you will find everything you need to know about The forgotten battle, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

The forgotten battle is an upcoming Netflix Original Dutch war drama directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and is officially the first original Dutch film produced by Netlfix.

Netflix has a habit of breaking records with its expensive productions, and while The Forgotten Battle hasn’t broken the record for the most expensive Dutch production of all time, it is the second most expensive thanks to its budget. of 14 million euros.

When is The forgotten battle Netflix release date?

Thanks to the release of the trailer, we can confirm that The forgotten battle will be released worldwide outside of Netflix on Friday, October 15, 2021.

The feature film was already in theaters when it debuted on June 5, 2021.

What is the plot of The forgotten battle?

Told through the perspective of three different participants in the Battle of the Scheldt, a Dutch Axis pilot, a British air pilot and a Zeeland resistance fighter.

What is the Battle of the Scheldt?

Taking place between October 2 and November 8, 1944, the Battle of the Scheldt was a series of military operations led by the First Canadian Army and aided by Polish and British units. The objective of the operations was to seize control of the Scheldt from Axis forces and establish a sea route to Antwerp which could supply Allied forces in northwestern Europe.

The battle was one of the bloodiest and most important of the entire campaign of the First Canadian Army. During the five weeks of combat, a total of 12,873 Allied casualties were reported, half of the casualties coming from the Canadian military.

Despite the importance of the capture of the Scheldt raised by several officials of the Allied forces, British General Bernard Montgomery instead privileged the importance of what would be the disastrous military plan of Operation Market Garden.

In hindsight, if the Allied forces had given priority to the capture of the Scheldt, it could have stopped the retreat of the German 15th Army from France and aided the Allied advance in the Axis-controlled Netherlands, and therefore the invasion of Germany. Without the sea route to Antwerp, US forces could not receive the supplies needed during the invasion of the Netherlands.

Who are the actors of Battle of the Scheldt?

Below are all of the confirmed core and support cast members of Battle of the Scheldt:

Role Cast member Where have I seen / heard them before
Marinus van Staveren Gijs Blom Letter to the King | Boys | Dead and beautiful
Guillaume Sinclair Jamie flatters Liar | So clumsy | Flat screen TV
Teuntje Visser Susan radder Spring | Horizon | Oog calls
Doctor Visser Jan Bijvoet Peaky Blinders | snake embrace | The breaking of the broken circle
Tony Turner Tom felton Harry Potter Franchise | rise of the planet of the apes | Flash
Henk schneijder Coen Bril The East | Black Widow
John Théo Barklem-Biggs The first team | Make-up | White gold
Nigel Scott reid White House Farm | Carnival Row | Course of action
Janna Marthe Schneider Kongo | Gevoel voor Tumor | Cord
Dirk Visser Ronald kalter The East | Flikken Rotterdam | Salmon of Knowledge
Oberst berghof Justus von Dohnanyi Fall | Das Experience | Tatort
Pim den oever Mark van Eeuwen Flikken Rotterdam | King of the road | Rise of the Viking
Captain Sinclair Richard Dillane Argo | Oranges and sun | The black Knight
Sergeant Mackay Gordon morris The Terror | Sea of ​​Souls | intriguing

What is the run time The forgotten battle?

Like many war dramas, the runtime exceeds two hours and has a total duration of 124 minutes.

What languages ​​is The forgotten battle available in?

Several languages ​​are spoken throughout the film, including Dutch, German and English.

Movie Poster The Forgotten Battle Netflix

When and where the production of The forgotten battle take place?

Many locations filmed took place in the Netherlands and Belgium, such as;

  • Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Vlissingen, Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Brouwershaven, Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Sint-Truiden, Belgium
  • Veere, Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Sluis, Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Hasselt, Belgium
  • Sint-Anna ter Muiden, Netherlands

Filming also took place in Lithuania.

Principal photography began on October 14, 2019 and ended on March 4, 2020. Barely avoiding any delays due to the global pandemic.

Look forward to the release of The forgotten battle on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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Evening briefing: Freeland keeps cabinet concerts

Tonight’s Evening Brief is brought to you by iPoliticsINTEL. Daily Watch INTEL Briefs are a concise rundown of the day’s committee meetings in the House and Senate – delivered to your inbox each morning. Learn more.

Good evening to you.

It was said today that Parliament would return before the end of the fall. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also said his cabinet will be sworn in next month. As to who will attend, all we know at this point is that Chrystia Freeland will remain Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister. The cabinet will have an equal number of women and men around the table, what Trudeau has called a “basic starting point”, and there will also be an “appropriate regional distribution”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland, who will remain Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister. (Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press)

In his first full press conference since last Monday’s federal election, Trudeau said the government’s top priorities are to: continue to sign child care agreements with the provinces; the introduction of 10 days of paid sick leave in federally regulated workplaces; make housing more affordable; work on indigenous reconciliation; and fight against climate change.

It comes like Members of Parliament arrive on the Hill and begin their orientation, and Kevin Vuong is preparing to sit in the House as an independent.

Now that the federal election is over, negotiations to bring Ontario into Ottawa’s child care plan can resume – and sources on both sides say they are headed in the right direction. Charlie Pinkerton has more.

In response to a reporter’s question, Trudeau said he would decide whether or not to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from Canada’s telecommunications network in the coming weeks. He has largely dodged the case for the two and a half years that Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been detained in China. Aidan Chamandy has more.

Meanwhile, at the United Nations General Assembly, the two recently released detainees were at the center of a verbal fight between Canada and China today. Foreign Minister Marc Garneau told officials around the world that Canada is applying both Canadian and international law in response to the US request for extradition of Huawei leader Meng Wanzhou, while the two Michaels were paying a “heavy price” for Canada’s commitment to the rule of law. “We continue to oppose the way these two citizens were treated,” he said, adding that Canada “will never forget this experience.” More information on this in Global News.

Jessica Lovell / Metroland

On COVID-19, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) is now recommend that seniors in long-term care homes, retirement homes and assisted living facilities receive vaccine boosters. Given their day-to-day interactions with staff and other residents, their age, and other pre-existing underlying medical conditions, this is a population that is at increased risk for serious illness from the virus. NACI cited the time that has elapsed since this population received their initial injections, as well as the weakening of the immune response that can occur with age when recommending going beyond the two doses. regular.

In Quebec, Minister of Health Christian Dubé announced that public health officials in the province recommend that people in these care settings receive a third dose. CBC News reports.

Still in Quebec, major-general. Fortin was in court today to demand his reinstatement as head of federal vaccine deployment. As CBC News reports, the government says that role no longer exists.

Process Nerd: Do the Greens even need an interim leader?

Comings and goings: lawyer McMillan adds communications staff

Net Zero: Industry Groups Oppose Federal Clean Fuel Standard

The Sprout: Ontario farm charged after deadly COVID outbreak

In other titles:

Elizabeth May has been proposed as potential interim leader of the struggling Green Party (CP)
Canadians Unhappy But Not Angry With Federal Election Result: Poll (CP)
Science Table Says Ontario’s 4th Wave Has ‘Flattened’ And Releases ‘A Wide Range’ Of Case Projections (Global)
Albertans die from COVID-19 at more than three times the average Canadian rate (SRC)
BC data shows dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases among school-aged children (Global)
Travelers to Prince Edward Island will be tested for COVID-19 at its borders starting Thursday (CP)
A “potential anomaly” with the ballot boxes leads to a recount in the riding of Châteauguay — Lacolle (CP)
Don’t Stop Federal COVID-19 Benefits, Companies Say As Expiration Approaches (Global)


South of the border, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, today warned that Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan could threaten the United States in as little as 12 months. In an appearance before Congress to answer questions about last month’s withdrawal, he said the Taliban, which now controls Afghanistan, is still a terrorist organization with links to al Qaeda.

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Photo: Matthew Moeller, US Army)

As the Associated Press reports, he called the 20-year war in Afghanistan a “strategic failure” and said his preference would have been to keep several thousand troops in the country to prevent a collapse of the Afghan government and subsequent takeover by the Taliban. In his testimony, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin admitted that the collapse of the Afghan army that international troops had spent two decades bringing about “Took us all by surprise”.

Meanwhile, Milley also defended his decision during the last days of Donald Trump’s presidency to call on China to reassure officials that the former president was not going to attack.

“Rebuild better, blah blah blah. Green economy, blah blah blah. Net zero by 2050, blah blah blah. At conference in Milan today, sacred words and inaction, she also urged people not to give up hope, saying change is “not only possible, but urgently needed”.

In other international titles:

US government will run out of cash by Oct. 18, treasury secretary says (CNN)
WHO horrified by sexual exploitation by aid workers in DR Congo (BBC)
Dutch police arrest politician over alleged plot to assassinate prime minister (BBC)
‘Capital Gazette’ gunman sentenced to several life sentences, plus 345 years (NPR)
PM Haiti: Elections, referendum scheduled for next year (PA)
Greece, France tout European defense autonomy with warship deal (Al Jazeera)
Sudan: five members of the security forces killed in a raid on an ISIL cell (Al Jazeera)

In Notice:

Andrew Fleming: Trudeau wins a minority with a majority in British Columbia
James Cohen: This government must work with other parties to end snow washing

The kicker:

Photo: @ Kyr0Nagib / Twitter

Michael Kovrig has been a very busy man since his return to Canadian soil. Since the weekend, he has had his hair cut, a COVID-19 vaccine, and urged others to do so as well. As the National Post reports, he also discovered he was a bit of a celebrity.

Good night.

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